Business Emirates # 12 (January - Februaty 2007) - page 92

the largest and leading communications service
provider for 10millionpeople, ôUkrtelecomö is
preparing tomake a stepup to anew level.
It is planned that after the completionof
capitalization (enterpriseĺs cost estimation), 43%
of the companyĺs authorized capital wouldbe
sold at open auction and57%of the shares
would remain stateproperty. At the roundtable
discussion, delegates exchangedexperience and
ideas concerning the conversionof state-owned
companies into joint-stock companies.
Participants of the roundtablediscussion
ôPresentationof theAutonomous Republicof
Crimeaö listened to the report of theMinister of
Economy IgorOgorodnyk, who told the foreign
guests about all the advantages of themain
resort area in all of the former USSR.
On theUkrainian side, forumwas organized
byUkrainianTradeCenter, with active support
andparticipationof the Fund for Support of
Investment andPrivatization (FSIP) and Finance-
ConsultingGroup (Kyiv) ľ theseorganizations
have alreadyhad successful experienceof
organizing roundtablediscussions in London,
Paris, Bonn andVienna. On theUAE side, forum
organizationwas performedby theChamber of
Commerce and Industryof Dubai.
Economic forum ôUkraineľUAECooperation
Spheresöprovedonce again that Ukrainian
TradeCenterwith its close tieswithbusiness
andgovernment circles of the two countries is
capableof organizingevents on the top level.
Government support of the forum, participation
of Valentina Semenyuk (theHeadof State
Property Fundof Ukraine), andministers of
CrimeanAutonomous Republic andparliament
deputies supported thehigh status of the
organizer ľUkrainianTradeCenter.
Due to theUTCparticipation, negotiations
wereorganizedbetween theChamber of
Commerceand IndustryofDubai and theNational
ReserveBank (Ukraine),whereagreementswere
reachedon theassistance to thisUkrainianbank
in its entering theEmiratesmarket and setting
upcontactswith the representativesof local
business circles. By theway, thiswasnot the fisrt
visit ofNRB-Ukraine toUAEupon invitation from
UkrainianTradeCenter. For instance, Chairman
of theBoardVladimir KravetsmetwithMr. Al
Matrushi, CEOof oneof the largest construction
companies inUAE - Emaar Properties. At that
time, theparties spokeabout possibilities for
contracting theEmirates companyat several
constructionprojects at theSouthofUkraine
(Crimea)worthat least $100-200million.
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